How to kill black mold in the roof

how to kill black mold naturally

The roof is a suitable environment for mold and mildew live, because it provides enough moisture, lights and ultraviolet rays of the sun. When the mold setting foot on the roof, it will colonize and spread. As the result, the exterior of house and building is damaged. The mold spores also can find a way entering the house and cause health problems for human and pet. The mold is hazard things, especially the black mold. It is toxic mold you must be often heard. So by letting it stay in the house, the residents will be exposed to mold exposure and sickness. Then, how to kill black mold? Basically, several steps of how to kill the black mold inside and outside the house are same, but there are several differences.

how to kill black mold in a house

First of all, we need to prepare the safety outfits before dealing with this fungus. We need thick gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, protective glasses and face mask. For people who are susceptible of mold exposure or has high sensitivity, we suggest them to use N-95 protective mask which available in hardware of home improvement store. And for better safety, you can spray the alcohol 70% to your hands. If the preparation has been done, the second steps are connecting between pressure washer and the faucet. Turn on your pressure washer, and confirm the switch pressure is not set in “jet” spray (it is because “jet” spray can destroy the outer surface of the house). Hold the washer and trigger to spray under beneath the roof. Don’t spray too close to the house! If you spray too close, the paint can be stripped and the wood can be damaged. Try to keep the distance between the pressure washer and house is two meters so that the water’s force can’t cause damage.

how to kill black mold on wood

The third steps in how to kill the black mold is working on and on around the house until the black mold disappeared, choose the first location, start it and work as the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Afterwards, the fourth steps are the important steps, disinfecting. For disinfectant, don’t use chlorine bleach, it can’t kill the black mold, try to find another disinfectant listed in EPA in the grocery store or use biocide or fungicide. Later, use plastic traps for protecting the house from the disinfectant and if it has been laid, scrub underneath of the roof with disinfectant. Do this process in repetition as you did with the pressure washer until the area covered with disinfectant and let it dry. To make sure that these steps how to kill black mold is successful, check the area in a week, if it doesn’t, repeat the disinfectant process until no mold remains.